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‘Re-Stoked’: Stoke’s Artistic Revival

‘Re-Stoked’: Stoke’s Artistic Revival 

A film by Sammy Chadwick, Karen YL Chen, Carla Dobson-Perez & James Redgrove

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Re-Stoked, Stoke’s artistic revival is a documentary by Keele University students Sammy Chadwick, Karen YL Chen, Carla Dobson-Perez and James Redgrove. Featuring Acava Studios: Spode Works and some of its resident artists like Frederick Phillips Art and Design by Weather.

The film was produced as part of a second year undergraduate module on Documentary Theory & Practice (BA Media, Communications & Culture Programme).

Made in 2016 just after the ACAVA Spode studios opened, this film by Keele Media students captures the early enthusiasm these new studios brought to local artists like Frederick Phillips...
— Studio Artists at Spode Works
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Sammy Chadwick
Karen YL Chen
Carla Dobson-Perez
James Redgrove

Sammy Chadwick
Carla Dobson-Perez

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Special Thanks
Frederick Phillips
Andy Cooke
Patricia Phillips
Alan Shenton
Daniel Southward
Pawas Bisht
Sam Galantini

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