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Copy of Back To The Drawing Board

Back To The Drawing Board

A film by Pawas Bisht


An intimate portrait of two of post-war Britain’s most prolific designers, Pat Albeck & Peter Rice. The film provides a precious glimpse of lives lived together in a household defined by the rhythms of drawing and design. Pat and Peter, now in their late eighties, reflect on careers spanning six decades, adapting to the realisation of being ‘old designers’, and the joy they continue to experience in their work. The film documents the disruption of this partnership by Peter’s sudden passing away and how Pat finds the means of grieving, remembering and recovering in her creative work.

Pat Albeck was one of the leading designers in modern Britain, having worked in the textile, pottery and paper industries and for John Lewis and the National Trust. Peter Rice was one of the pre-eminent stage and costume designers in modern British opera and theatre.

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Pawas Bisht

Pawas Bisht

Pawas Bisht, Andre Brito

Kerry Jones

Administration Support
Shelia Allen

Exhibition Team
Fiona Cownie
David Amigoni
Kerry Jones
Pawas Bisht
Elizabeth Poole
Rebecca Leach
Ceri Morgan
Melody Blues
Mihaela Keleman

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Pawas Bisht

Production Assistant
Sadhana Bharanidaran, Rebecca Bennet

Assistant Editor
Alena Pfoser

Assistant Camera
Rebecca Bennet, Ioannis Georgiades
Adam Mawards

Archival Photography
Pawas Bisht, Kerry Jones, Rebecca Bennet

Special Thanks
Pat Albeck
Matthew Rice
Emma Bridgewater
Tom Hawkes

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Sound Design
Pawas Bisht

Sound Recording
Pawas Bisht, Andre Brito

’Tip-to-Toe’ & ‘Night Gazing’ by Sam Wedgewood, ‘Swing-it’ by Chris Egan, ‘Earthspan Pastoral’ by Paul Mottram, ‘Quiet Rain’ & ‘Reaching’ by Patrick Hawes
Licensed from

Technical Support
Sam Galantini, Terry Bolam

Dedicated to
Peter Rice (1928 - 2015)

This film was supported by funds from Keele University and the Keele Key Fund.